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The goal of all companies is maximizing its profit. I can not say this is wrong idea. However, a company should have another goal, social responsibility. A company is one of the members of society and all members of society must conform to rules of their society. Without society, company cannot be successful even cannot survive. The philosophy of K.System JSC is the one I have thought for a long time. K.System JSC want to be a best partner to its customers and K.System want to share the success with its members, employees. Moreover, as a member of society K.System will return back the benefit it acquired from the society. To be a best partner to customers, Providing proper ERP for our customer can be the one of the option I can do. I have worked for Young Lim Won Soft. Lab., the No.1 ERP Vendor in Korea and studied ERP since 1998. Since that time I have dreamed to make company which is fit to my idea. Now, I can have a chance to realize my dream in Vietnam, the beautiful country with great potential and warm heart people. Dear customers! K.System JSC gathered together with the members who are sharing this philosophy. Please, watch our progress and our role in society. The success is not only ours but also our customers and all of society.

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